About us.

What do you see when you look at your every day life? The simple behaviors you’ve learned from birth and the skills you’ve attained from school guide you through your day in, day out activities at home, at work, and in your relationships. Do you see efficiency?

Or could there be more?

The Human Institute is a team of human behavior experts who believe that, by influencing environmental triggers, we can pinpoint unseen problems and improve human performance beyond what was once thought possible.

We use precise science and hard data to improve the way we interact with others, our environment, even ourselves, and we can apply it to virtually every field of work.

It’s how business managers create a happier workplace while improving employee timeliness and productivity.

It’s how Seal Team instructors teach countless skills and immeasurable confidence in mere weeks.

It’s how parents can potty train their child in just one weekend.

It’s how a baseball team’s batting average suddenly improves in the middle of a season.

It’s how companies optimize resources, how children with problem behavior begin to live successfully and productively, how we all grow into the person we endeavor to be.

It’s not social theory, it’s science.

It’s not analytics, it’s outcomes-driven change.

This approach is already helping many people and organizations uncover long hidden problems and–more importantly–simple, sustainable answers.

Are you ready to see your world in a new way?